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Your Machines Are Complaining.

SENS-A can tell you what they're saying.

Upgrade Your Facility.

Industries depend on motors.
Keeping motors running perfectly is crucial to any industry.

Every year in heavy motor use industries, about 1 in 8 machines fail - costing up to $260,000 for every hour of downtime.

With millions of motors being used globally, and with current monitoring methods missing over half of the early signs of faults, this means a lot of lost revenue.

Let the SENS-A System solve this for you.

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SENS-A makes it easy to use Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and AI to optimize your facility.

Taking care of your motors shouldn't be hard, so we made our solution as friction-less and risk-free as possible.

SENS-A is broken down into three simple steps: Sense, Think, & Act.

How We Do It

We start with assessing and installing only the necessary sensors. 


We provide a thorough analysis of your data using our proprietary AI.


We give you real-time knowledge so that you can act at the right time.

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Instant upgrade without the risk

The SENS-A System is ready to use from day one, and only gets smarter from there. Time is of the essence; so we make sure our system can easily retrofit to your machines. 

Get the most out of your machines.

Be in tune with your machines' health. Find out about any faults before they develop into bigger problems, and effectively extend your assets' lifetime.

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Reduce operational costs.

Get ahead of unwanted downtime with better planning of maintenance and repair activities. Keep your losses at a minimum while boosting operational efficiency.

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