Our iIOT system is more than your regular Motor Health Monitoring.
We Listen.
Using our acoustic sensors, we listen to your motor's grumbles. 24/7.
We Predict.
Combining our machine learning algorithm with industry methods, we'll tell you your motors' problems before they become problems.
We Protect.
In motor-heavy industries, 1 in 8 motor fail every year, we'll prevent you from losing millions from these unplanned downtimes.


Industrial motors will have problems. If not diagnosed in time, they can result in massive losses, due to unnecessary repairs, or even worse, unplanned downtime.

Using our custom non-invasive sensors and our machine learning algorithms, our EARS (Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensors) literally listens to your motors to prevent this from happening. We ensure that when your motors complain, we will be there to understand.


Our EARS only need to be placed near you motors. No need to cut any wires nor even touch your motors. Installing without affecting your production.


Our system can tell you not just WHEN a fault will occur but also WHAT and WHERE, allowing your maintenance team to move fast and with confidence.


Our system can retrofit to most motors, regardless of model, size , age, brand or manufacturer. OneWatt adapts to your system, not the other way around.

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