Around this time last year, we pitched at Ignite where we got to meet fellow startups with similar ambitions. Among them was ServeHappy Jobs. Neither of our companies won that competition, but ServeHappy Jobs went on to compete in and win Seedstars Manila 2017.

2 weeks ago it was our turn to pitch in front of the judges at Seedstars Manila 2018. Among the mentors listed for the event were our friends Artie Lopez from Brainsparks and ServeHappy Jobs. It felt like a small reunion (Artie had been our pitch coach for Ignite) as we saw their familiar faces in the packed event space in Acceler8 by UnionSpace.

We felt a mixture of nerves and excitement as we waited for the event to begin. It’s funny, we’ve joined many similar competitions in the past. Somehow, we still get a little nervous.

“OneWatt pitches first,” we were told as the pitch sequence was decided. We generally think of going first as a good thing. Our Marketing Director puts it this way: “When you pitch first, there isn’t much time for suspense to build – it’s like ripping off a band-aid. More importantly, once you’re done you can retreat to the snack bar.” Smart guy, that guy.

Things went pretty smoothly. Our CTO Paolo Samontañez delivered a stellar pitch, and excitedly answered all the judges’ questions.

After a few more pitches, there was a short break before finishing with the rest. Some of the other competitors were familiar as they had either exhibited their product at Ignite last year like Veer Immersive Technologies or were present at other startup events we’ve attended.

As things came to a close, we sat in anticipation as the winners of the day were announced. We each had our own guess for who would win – if not us, of course (we thought was a strong contender).

“and the winner of Seedstars Manila 2018… OneWatt!”

Pictures were taken, hands were shook, and a large piece of sintra board that represented our free trip to Switzerland was brandished before us. We had won! We’ve come a long way from Ignite 2017 and there’s much more road to travel. We can’t wait for the journey ahead.

We’ll see you all in Switzerland for Seedstars Summit 2018!


P.S. The pasta was pretty good.

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