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Predictive Maintenance 

Made Simple

Leave the sensing and thinking to us, so that you can act on your targets.

Having a Predictive Maintenance System is necessary to stay competitive in today's industry. But it is often daunting and inaccessible to most.

We believe that PdM should be simple, risk-free, and available to everyone who needs it - regardless of size or capability.

Our non-invasive sensors and highly capable artificial intelligence systems come together to help you make the unpredictable, manageable


SENS-A starts with our devices. Created and designed to seamlessly integrate into your facility with little to no changes needed, they ensure a smooth and risk-free installation.


The EARS (Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensor) is a completely contactless sensor that listens to your machine's acoustic emissions. It brings you the benefits of earlier detection from acoustic monitoring. Made for the noisy industrial environment.


The LOBE (Lightweight Observer Bluetooth Emitter) is a small, battery-operated sensor that picks up vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure. With IP67 rating and Bluetooth connection, it enables you to monitor even the most remote facility. 


The SENS Hub allows your sensors to connect to the SENS-AI. It performs processing and analysis to reduce bandwidth needs and ensure security. Includes built-in storage in case of connection disruptions.

Software & A.I.

Our AI is the core of our SENS-A System. Its smart capabilities allow us, and in turn you, to understand your machines' language.


SENS-AI captures sound, vibration, and other types of signals from the sensors that are vital for fault monitoring.



It provides omniscient findings by processing past, present, and future data.



It sees patterns and trends in your data, making it readable through graphs, charts, and visual representations. 



Whether you are just beginning your digitization journey, or you are already well on your way to making your facility smart, we ensure that our analysis easily integrates into your processes and is readily usable.


Using our pre-built APIs and webhooks, you can easily merge SENS-A into your facility's system to get a more comprehensive view on your machines.



Our web and mobile dashboard shows you exactly what's going on with your motors in real-time, allowing you to do preemptive actions at the right time.

Upgrade your facility today.

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