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OneWatt’s charge to solving the needs of the industry

As industrial companies understand the positive impact that data can provide in their operations, the predictive maintenance industry has been seeing tremendous growth over the past few years. OneWatt has continuously been developing its solutions and conducting pilots with different renowned companies on its way to being an industry leader in the predictive maintenance market.

More and more industries are recognizing the need for better solutions

Unplanned downtime has always been one of the biggest issues plaguing the industry. In the manufacturing industry, a breakdown of a critical motor leads to a halt in the production line. Similarly, in the mining, oil and gas, and power generation industries, when one critical motor such as a fan, a pump, or a turbine breaks, it can lead to a domino effect in the supply chain affecting not just the company itself, but the rest of its stakeholders.

It has always been OneWatt’s mission to continuously develop AI-driven technology that will prevent these unplanned downtimes. In the past two years OneWatt has focused on improving its technologies and capabilities in detecting different motor faults using its unique acoustic or sound-based detection methods.t This has caught the interest of multiple companies such as ABB, Nestle, L’oreal, and Storengy - all of which we’ve deployed or are currently having a pilot with. As a startup in its early days, OneWatt had to focus its resources toward the markets that it can effectively capture, and these markets were successfully validated through the pilots launched with the companies mentioned earlier.

Today, the interest from the industry has grown exponentially as more and more industries recognize the need for better data-driven solutions in their facilities. Recently, OneWatt was chosen to be included in the Prospect Mining Cohort in partnership with Newlab and the Vimson Mining Group. With mining being one of the motor-use heavy industries, this cohort presents OneWatt as the gateway to entering the mining industry and start applying its predictive maintenance solutions in this industry.

Earlier this year, we also launched a pilot program with the Spanish utility company Suez, with great potential to move towards a commercial installation. After learning more about our company and the work we’ve done for Nestle Lausanne, Nestle Konolfingen has reached out and fast tracked the implementation of a pilot project to evaluate OneWatt’s technology and capabilities on creating a customized solution to help them with their needs in their factory.

Even in the commercial setting, companies are showing interest in the benefits that can be brought by predictive maintenance. OneWatt was chosen by the Hong Kong Airport Authority (HKAA) earlier this year to deploy a pilot on the use case of EARS for their escalators and jet bridges as well as by the Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. (HACTL) for their cargo conveyor belts.

Powering our way through the pandemic

With the global effects of the covid-19 pandemic being felt throughout the world and in all industries, many of OneWatt’s pilot projects had to be postponed such as that of the HKAA and HACTL. However, this did not halt OneWatt’s drive for innovation and solving the needs of the industry, especially in a time where all aspects of the supply chain of essential goods are critical. OneWatt has developed “Plug and Play Kits'' that allows clients to easily install OneWatt’s hardware remotely and on their own. This has created a shift in OneWatt’s operations from always having to visit installation sites, to basically being able to do everything safely and remotely, without the need for in-person site inspections prior to installations.

From what started as EARS, OneWatt's solution has developed into a complete platform that now includes two hardware sensors and the ability to retro-fit 3rd party sensors into the solution. Through pilots with renowned companies, OneWatt was able to validate its technology and continuously innovate to solve the pain points of the industrial sector. The onslaught brought about by the covid-19 pandemic did not stop OneWatt's efforts and has pushed the company to create it's plug and play solution. As an industrial AI company, OneWatt is committed to solving the needs of the industry.

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