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OneWatt Joins Forces with Third Derivative In Its Effort To Make Industry Greener

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

47 startups out of over 600 applicants from across 6 continents were chosen to be part of Third Derivative’s Cohort 417 - and OneWatt is one of them! The cohort is named after the highest recorded level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere in May 2020. As the cohort name suggests, the mission of program is to accelerate the rate of climate innovation, with a much needed sense of urgency taken to heart.

Third Derivative (D3) is a joint venture of Rocky Mountain Institute - a world-renowned think-and-do tank focused on the energy transition, that is based in Colorado, USA; and New Energy Nexus - a global accelerator network in California, USA. Third Derivative’s program gives startups that are developing climate solutions resources that speed up the process of bringing product to market. This is all done in the spirit of taking every possible opportunity to arrest climate change.

Each participant of Cohort 417 gets access to funding, corporate partners, and policymakers. There are nine venture capital partners from across 4 continents: Chrysalix Ventures, CRCM Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, Factor[e] Ventures, Imperative Ventures, Social Alpha, Skyview Ventures, Tsing Capital, and Volo Earth Ventures. While corporate partners include AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, bp ventures, Engie, Envision Group, FedEx, Microsoft, Shell, Wells Fargo, and BHP. Corporate partners pay membership fees while investors are required to make seed investments in at least 5 startups. D3’s partner investor funds have $2 billion of assets in management, and its corporate partners have a combined market capitalization exceeding $3 trillion.

OneWatt is more than ready to accelerate its efforts in paving the way to a greener and smarter industry. We are happy to share this journey with fellow cohort members and the D3 community!

Read more about Third Derivative & Cohort 417 here.

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