It’s that time of the year again, InnoEnergy’s Annual Event The Business Booster TBB! With 800 delegates representing 40 countries globally, TBB brings together innovators, industry representatives, investors, policy makers and regulators in order to network and work together towards a more sustainable future.

Last year’s TBB was held in Copenhagen along with 100+ other startups, where we got a chance to share OneWatt’s vision to everyone in the energy industry. It was our first time attending the annual event but so it was great meeting people and startup founders sharing similar ambitions with OneWatt. We had the chance to network not only with other startup founders, but also investors, and big industry players.

Last year’s TBB pitch by our CTO Paolo Samontanez

The Business Booster (TBB) is an annual two-day international networking event with the aim of bringing together the greatest minds in the sustainable energy industry. TBB is organized by InnoEnergy, bringing their extensive networks in reach of startups that want to be part of the drive for sustainability.

Our CEO, Emmanuel (who unfortunately can’t attend this year’s edition) taking a selfie with Paolo at OneWatt’s booth in TBB 2018.

This year, catch us on Oct 3-4 in Palais de Congres Paris in Paris, France as we are back for the 2019 edition of TBB. We are excited to share OneWatt’s growth over the past year and how we are solving problems in industrial facilities. Our CTO will be around to talk your ears off about our EARS so make sure to drop by!

Our booth this year, still looking quite lonely. 

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