Last Oct 3-5, OneWatt, together with 49 other startups from all over Europe, was chosen to participate in the European Utility Week in RAI Amsterdam as part of it’s Initiate! program.

Between the booths of the big utility players from all over Europe and beyond stood OneWatt’s simple booth. Even with their stark pod armed only with their E.A.R.S, the two co-founders generated interest and made contacts with clients, experts and possible investors.

“Utilities is one of the industries we really want to focus on…”, according to OneWatt CEO Em Bueta. “While preventing unplanned downtimes is an important issue to all industries; this is especially the case for utilities where regulations and contracts adds to the burden of making sure services are always running smoothly.”

Manning the booth for 3 whole days with barely a chance to sit, OneWatt CTO Pao Samontanez found the event tiring but definitely worth it. “We got contacts from all over; different countries, different industries and even for different applications. We got to talk to a lot of interesting characters with a lot of interesting ideas”. The next steps now for OneWatt would be to know which ideas to listen to and then turning these ideas into reality.

Other Rockstart Smart Energy 2017 Startups: SensFix, SunData, Efficiator, Hero Balancer and Bamomas, were also present in the event.

OneWatt’s mission has always been to listen to the problems in the industry, now the industry seems to be beginning to listen to OneWatt as well.

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