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OneWatt is an industrial AI startup company that specializes in predictive maintenance for industrial motors. We are currently in need of a Business Developer that can fulfill the following:

Job Description
● Identify problems of clients that can be solved by solutions offered
● Analyze markets and determine best-fit industries for the solution
● Draft and propose solutions to potential clients
● Network during events and connect with potential clients
● Discuss client needs to the tech team
● Create quotations and pricing schemes for clients
● Segment and plan markets to approach
● Identify ways to improve profitability and increase profit margins

● Experience maintaining relationships with clients
● Ability to empathize, understand, and relate to customer’s needs
● Must be able to understand and develop business models, financial plans, and market models
● Can work with technical teams and make them understand requirements gathered
● Knowledge in managing client expectations
● Has a pleasing personality and feels comfortable speaking clients and in public
● Experience networking to gain connections and delivering elevator pitches
● Can work in a dynamic environment and loves to listen to suggestions

Join us as we blaze a trail in the exciting new frontier that is Industry 4.0!

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