Already heard of the Accenture Innovation Awards? A year-round innovation program where innovators meet and connect? OneWatt’s EARS is part of this 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards!

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Who will be tomorrow’s game-changers? Which innovative concepts will create the greatest impact on the challenges of our present and our future? One thing is sure: these unifying innovations will be a vital part of reshaping tomorrow’s society.

Innovation is nothing new, right? We’ve been at it since the dawn of time. Always improving, always on the move, looking ahead to create the future. To solve tomorrow’s problems today, we need a clear vision of what these challenges look like

The innovative concepts below are not only integral for the survival of our society; they are the fundament of the Innovation Awards Program. Only together with these innovative concepts, the Accenture Innovation Awards Program turns into a disruptive and fascinating year-round program.

OneWatt E.A.R.S. (Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensors)



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